2023 Nuclear War: UNTHINKABLE Timeline of Events Coming Soon

Possible intro: Welcome, readers, to a thought-provoking yet disturbing topic: the scenario of a nuclear war that could happen in the year 2023. Although this speculation may seem implausible, it’s not entirely impossible, given the current global tensions, technological advances, and political upheavals that shape our world. In this article, we will explore the UNTHINKABLE timeline of events that could lead to a nuclear war in 2023 and its devastating consequences for humanity. As we delve into this hypothetical scenario, please keep in mind that this is not a prediction or a probability, but a warning and a wake-up call for all of us to take the urgent actions needed to prevent such a catastrophic outcome.


The possibility of a nuclear war is a theme that has played out in many movies but is it really going to happen in reality? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. The world cannot shy away from the fact that with every passing day, nuclear weapons are becoming more accessible to nations that were previously not capable of acquiring them. This timeline examines the possible path of events that could lead us to a catastrophic nuclear war in the year 2023.

The Timeline of Events

2021: Withdrawing from Agreements

The year 2021 marks the start of the road to World War III. President Biden decides that the United States needs to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a move that was not taken lightly by other member countries. This withdrawal brings in a great deal of disarray and signals to other countries that the US is no longer willing to protect other nations.

2022: Breakdown of Diplomacy

This year, the United States imposes harsh sanctions on Iran, which causes upset and unrest in the Middle East. The sanctions lead to the Iranian government lashing out in retaliation, causing heightened tensions between Iran and the US. Over time, diplomacy breaks down.

2023: The Outbreak of Nuclear War

By 2023, the situation spirals out of control, and the world is thrown into turmoil. The United States and Iran are on the brink of war, with both sides engaging in aggressive military posturing. In a desperate move, Iran launches a nuclear attack on Israel. Israel retaliates by launching nuclear missiles at Iran. In turn, Russia comes to Iran’s aid by launching a surprise attack on Israel, causing World War III.

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  4. How likely is a nuclear war to happen?
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