Discovering The Top 10 C’s of Survival: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top 10 C’s of survival. In the face of unexpected situations, such as natural disasters or wilderness emergencies, these survival skills are essential for anyone to get through tough times. In this article, we’ll be discussing the crucial elements you need to know to stay safe when all other resources fail. Whether you’re an experienced wilderness explorer or just a casual adventurer, this guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge to tackle challenging scenarios and come out unscathed. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets of the top 10 C’s of survival!


Exploring the great outdoors can be one of the most exhilarating experiences, but it can also be dangerous if one is not equipped with the necessary skills and tools. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is crucial in emergency situations, whether it’s getting lost on a hike or being stranded in a remote area. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 C’s of survival – a comprehensive guide put together by survival experts and bushcraft enthusiasts. These 10 C’s will equip you with the essential knowledge and tools to survive in the wilderness.

The 10 C’s of Survival

  1. Cutting Tools
    One of the most important things to have in survival situations is a cutting tool. It can be used for various purposes such as building shelter, creating a fire, and preparing food. A reliable cutting tool should always be a part of your survival kit.

  2. Combustion Devices
    Making a fire in the wilderness is crucial for staying warm and dry, cooking food and signalling for rescue. A combustion device could range from matches to lighters, but it is recommended to carry a fire starter that will work even if wet or in damp conditions.

  3. Cover
    Having a sturdy and reliable shelter provides protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and cold winds. A shelter can be made from natural materials such as branches, leaves, and bark, or by using a tarp.

  4. Container
    Water is essential for survival, and having a container to store it in is crucial. A container is also essential for storing food, keeping it safe from animals, and preventing spoiling.

  5. Cordage
    Cordage like paracord or natural fibers such as jute twine is essential for various survival situations. It can be used for building shelter and making traps or tools.

  6. Candle Lanterns or Flashlights
    A source of light is necessary when trekking in the dark or for navigating in low light conditions. A candle lantern or flashlight can be used as a signalling device if you need to attract attention.

  7. Cloth
    Having cloth in your survival kit can serve multiple purposes such as making clothing or repairing torn clothing, creating bandages, and filtering water.

  8. Compass
    A compass is a vital tool for navigation. It can help you find your way out of a remote area and guide you towards civilization.

  9. Cargo Tape
    Cargo tape is a multi-purpose adhesive tape that can be used for repairing gear and clothing, sealing packages as well as making a splint for a broken limb.

  10. Canteen or Hydration System
    Water is key to survival, and it’s essential to keep your body hydrated. Carrying a canteen or a hydration system is paramount.


In summary, being prepared for survival in the wild is critical. The top 10 C’s of survival serve as the foundation for what you need to have in your survival kit. They provide guidance and practical tools to help you stay safe in any situation. It’s important to note that these 10 C’s are not exhaustive and are part of the fundamental equipment you would need. The Prepared Wanderer website is a great place to get started on your journey of wilderness survival.


  1. When will the video be released on the Prepared Wanderer website?
    Ans: The video will be released on May 20, 2023, at 6:00 pm EST.
  2. Where can I find the 10 C’s list?
    Ans: You can find the list on the Prepared Wanderer website.
  3. Is there an Amazon store where I can purchase survival gear?
    Ans: Yes, the Amazon store for Prepared Wanderer is available through the link
  4. Are there any social media links for Prepared Wanderer?
    Ans: Yes, the Prepared Wanderer Facebook group can be accessed through the link and their Instagram handle is @prepared_wanderer.
  5. Is there a blog related to wilderness survival?
    Ans: Yes, Wandering Outdoors is a blog that focuses on self-reliance, bushcraft, and survival.

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