Moscow Under Martial Law: Military on Streets and DEFCON ‘Fortress Plan’ Activated – A Red Alert!

As tensions continue to rise in Moscow, the city has been placed under martial law with military personnel patrolling the streets. In addition, the DEFCON ‘Fortress Plan’ has been activated, intensifying security measures throughout the city. The situation is a red alert, and citizens are bracing for what may come next. Join us as we delve into the current state of Moscow and what this means for its residents.


On a seemingly normal day in Moscow, there is sudden chaos as the Russian army declares martial law and activates the DEFCON ‘Fortress Plan’. Military personnel can be seen on the streets, and citizens are in a state of panic. The situation is dire, and the time for preparation has passed. This article will provide insights on how to prepare yourself for situations like these and how to equip yourself with the necessary gear and resources. In this article, we will cover topics like emergency equipment, survival tools, body armor, freeze-dried food, gold and silver, gas masks, water filtration systems, and many more.

Canadian Preppers Survival Superstore

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JAS E Medical

JAS E Medical offers emergency prescription meds and antibiotics. They have a variety of products ranging from first aid kits, antibiotics, IV therapy, and many other crucial medical supplies required in emergencies. Keep in mind that in an emergency, medical supplies can become scarce, so make sure you stay prepared. With the discount code ‘PREPPER’, you can avail 10% off on body armor from Premier Body Armor.

Canadian Prepper

Next up is Canadian Prepper, which offers freeze-dried food of world-renowned quality. This food can last up to 25 years and is perfect for emergencies. They have a range of different food options and meal sizes that can be tailor-fit to your needs. Make use of the discount code ‘CanadianPrepper’ to get a discount on your purchases.


DPW provides gold and silver from a vetted reputable company in Canada and the USA. In times of economic crises, precious metals offer a hedge against inflation and other crises. Making sure you possess tangible assets like gold and silver can come in handy in times of uncertainty. So don’t hesitate to get your hands on some.

Canadian Preparedness

Canadian Preparedness provides a range of different survival gear and tools that are of great value in times of crisis. They offer gas masks, food supplies, shelter and sleep systems, water filtration, cooking systems, silky saws, flashlights and navigation equipment, fire starting and hygiene items. Additionally, they have separate links for each product category. This makes it much easier to navigate through and purchase items suited to your specific needs.


The situation in Moscow may seem like a distant nightmare, but situations like these are not unheard of in today’s world. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is of the utmost importance. We have covered crucial topics that need to be taken into consideration when preparing for emergencies. Make sure you have all the essentials and equip yourself with the necessary gear. Use the discounts provided by Canadian Preppers Survival Superstore, Premier Body Armor, and Canadian Prepper, to purchase your essentials and invest in gold and silver from DPW.


  1. What is the DEFCON ‘Fortress Plan’?
    The DEFCON ‘Fortress Plan’ is a contingency plan on how to react to a potential military crisis or emergency.

  2. What is Canadian Preparedness?
    Canadian Preparedness is a platform that provides various tools and equipment for survival and emergency scenarios.

  3. How long can freeze-dried foods last?
    Freeze-dried food can last up to 25 years, making it an ideal source of long-term emergency food.

  4. Should I invest in gold and silver?
    Investing in precious metals like gold and silver is a smart choice in times of economic crises or uncertainties.

  5. How long are discount codes valid for on Canadian Preppers Survival Superstore?
    The validity of discount codes may vary from time to time, so it is best to check the website for the most up-to-date information.

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